Moth Loves the Flame

Music is a river of experience where the mantra should very much be, “It’s about the journey, not the destination”. Moth Loves The Flame recognise this and the 5 members pool their experience and musical enthusiasm to create intelligent, emotional music that defies simple pigeon-holing.

Originally formed from the ashes of a previous band with Graeme (guitars) and Christian (guitars), the band’s current incarnation has been solidified over the past 18 months with first Alan (drums), Matt (bass) and finally Ewa on vocals. With each new addition, the sound has undergone slight changes in direction. Everyone has a different focus of interest and elements of that could be traced but the sound they forge is uniquely their own. Mixing elements of electronica around a solid rock foundation and adding in progressive spice with interesting time signatures and rhythms makes each track unique. Soaring guitars twist and play against one another above the solid rhythm section whilst effortless vocals shine through and over it all. Each song is diverse but the band’s chemistry binds all the variation together with an instantly recognisable tone and feel.

A band who go from strength to strength, Moth Loves The Flame are looking to make the music that moves them. The only way is up, up towards the light.

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