John Reed and The Folded Arms


John witnessed the transformation from progressive rock to punk in 1976 and has played guitar since 1974. Life changed when he bought a cittern 40 years later and the songs began to flow. The political theme of his debut album Moorscape will continue into his 2018 double album ‘The Breeding Ground of Vile’, beautifully backed by The Folded Arms and just a few others. John’s 2017 release Dry The Life EP provides an uninterrupted 30 minute journey through different music genres, and has been dubbed ‘progressive folk’. But you can call it anything you like. All music produced by produced by HeyGamal


The Folded Arms are:


Kieran Heaney is one of John’s closest friends and an accomplished guitarist who also plays in an excellent punk covers band called The Cracked.


Jad (Rajendra Jadeja). We three were at the University of East Anglia together. A long time ago. Jad is a classically trained tabla player and had never ventured out of that high discipline until John asked him to help with Moorscape.


Emma Perry and Kate Ferris have blessed our work with their fabulous voices and harmonies, and have worked together as Chique, singing disco and ‘80s pop songs for a number of years. Recently venturing into their own acoustic performances, these two bring their own ideas to John’s music, and always add more than we expect.


Matt Steady is a multi talented, classically trained musician and a recording artist in his own right. John met Matt via Twitter and brought him in to play violin on the Dry The Life EP and we are very glad he stuck around, because we all think he’s a top bloke

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