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Oxfam is a charity working to reduce poverty worldwide and help people live a happy prosperous life. Their work has been going on for the 70 years and has relied entirely on public funding. You can find out more about Oxfam on their website

In 2006, Oxfam launched the Oxjam music gigs around the United Kingdom. They’re a one day musical festival which involve local bands and artists playing exclusive songs raising money for Oxfam and the great work they do. Members of the local community help at these events.


The first ever Oxjam festival is coming to Halifax in West Yorkshire and we’d like your help to raise money for the great work Oxfam does. We’ll begin with a launch event on Saturday 30 July from 10.30am until 4pm, Crown Street (outside the Oxfam shop), Halifax.

The main event will take place on Saturday 15 October, from 12(noon) till late. More than 30 bands will be playing across three venues. You can buy a ticket by clicking here. Tickets cost £10 and give you access to all four venues. Money raised goes directly to Oxfam. You can also donate to Oxfam through our justgiving page.